Week 13

by knelsonmann

As my supervisor is finishing early, this will be my last posting for my internship. He will be graduating and moving on to serve as corporate assistant to the director of corporate giving at Grosvenor, an asset and property management firm downtown. Exciting stuff. I on the other hand, will be leaving for the middle east for the summer in a few short weeks and am having a hard time separating myself from the HS, my internship at the British Consulate, my work with the Quebec Government Office, and my school duties. It is difficult to imagine it all coming to an end so soon. I would say it is the end of my school career, but I will be continuing on to Graduate school in January. To be completely honest, I wish I could say that I had learned more from the Historical Society during my time there. I found there to be a desperate need for some fresh perspective, methods and a general need for “new tricks” for the proverbial old dog. However, at every turn, I discovered what my supervisor had long before me: a persistent, all-encompassing resistance to change. Where there is need for change, it was resisted, and any hints at innovation or a step outside the norm were brushed aside. Unfortunately, resistance to change is futile: it always wins. At the beginning of the semester, Jared and myself had some exciting, positive and ambitious ideas for how to maximize my time this semester, and ways we truly believed we could make a difference to the HS. Instead, we were blocked at every turn by resistance and inflexibility. There is nothing to do about it now, and I wish them all the best. In a way though, I guess my time this semester did serve to demonstrate to me more things I do not desire or appreciate in a workplace, which is useful as well.